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[sticky post] I Wrote It

Now I'm linking to it.

That way it's easy to find if someone wants to read it.



The One Thing I Hide
Written For: wincest_bigbang 2013
Primary Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: Mature

Written For: deancasbigbang 2013
Primary Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: Mature

Angel, Baby Written For: spnmpregbb 2013
Primary Pairing: Sam/Castiel/Dean
Rating: Mature

What? Again?
Written For: spnspringfling 2013
Prompt: locknkey
Primary Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: Mature

When I'm done playing catch up,

I swear I'm going to spend a month solid reading everyone's wonderful stories!

What Separates Us - Sam/Castiel - M

Written for Sastiel Big Bang 2013
Art by kezzymai23 who was fantastic to work with! See all of the art here!

In a world where demons, angels and humans all live on earth together, half demon, half human Sam loves angels, but angels don't want anything to do with him. When his half brother Dean starts dating an angel named Castiel it's no surprise that Sam falls for the angel. What is surprising is the continued relationship between Dean and Cas. Sam doesn't know what to do about the feelings he's having or how to explain them to Dean. He doesn't even know if he should try.

Read What Separates Us

Computer Was in For Repair

Now I'm way behind. If I owe you something I'm so sorry! I'm scrambling to catch up right now, as of this very moment, there will be emails and explanation and hopefully even the items I have due. Sorry if I'm overdue, I'll do my best to fix things.

Last Call For Prompts

As you know it's December and I'm about to begin writing and drawing like a crazy woman. So this is it, your last chance to prompt me this year. I'm accepting art and writing prompts. If you've already given me one feel free to hand me a second.

Original post is here, just add your prompt and away I'll go.

Need More Prompts

I still need 16 prompts for the month of December! If you haven't given me one I invite you to do so. I will draw or write something for you based on your prompts. More details can be found here. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

DCBB Art for Mar_map

Title: Love Out of Chaos
Author: mar_map
Artist: moondansr

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, AU
Category: M/M
Relationships: Castiel/Dean, Jessica/Sam, Slight Dean/Cassie, Slight Meg/Castiel

Sam needs homework help, Dean likes to cuddle (although he won't admit it), John gets shot, Gabriel teaches Castiel to loosen up, and Balthazar likes to flirt. That's not what's important though. What is important, is that Castiel and Dean were always meant to be (even if the two of them have trouble seeing it at first), and though Castiel lost his family, another one just might have sneaked up on him while he wasn't looking.

I could have easily done double the art for this if I'd had time it was a great read in my opinion. If you enjoy AU's and <3 Dean/Cas you should definitely read it!

Masterpost Link

I Draw or Write for You

Wishlist 2013, Prompt Post

What is the Wishlist?

The Wishlist is a multi-fandom Christmas fanfiction fest. It is something that started very small and simple three years ago. The premise was simply to write twenty-four ficlets in response to twenty-four prompts, posted between 1 Dec and 24 Dec. Fandom gifts, if you will. Since then it's grown and changed a bit.

The community and the rules in detail can be found here.

I have signed up to be a writer/artist and if you want to give me a prompt, please leave a comment on this entry.


- I accept the first 24 prompts I am given, regardless of who you are or if I know you.

- You give me characters/pairing, a fandom and a prompt. If you want art, please give me a story, scene or fandom you would like me to create art for. Please provide a link.

- If I don't know the fandom you're requesting, your prompt doesn't count. The fandoms I write in are:

a Supernatural
b Harry Potter
c Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I write m/m slash, but request whatever interests you because I love a challenge.

- If I find your prompt in any way offensive, I will disregard it, too. Fair warning.

- Your prompts should somewhat match what I usually write/draw. It can be a quote, an idea, a specific situation, but the more you give me, the more I have to work with. Throwing Character X/Character Y, whatever at me is going to get you whatever.

- If you don't have an lj account, leave an anonymous comment, but make sure to sign it with a name (possibly your TtH name, if you're coming from that end.)

- I answer the prompts in the order I like best and post them here and/or in the wishlist_fic community, one a day, starting 1 Dec 2013.

Again, I need fandom, characters or pairings, prompt, and your name, or, for an art prompt fandom, a scene or story, and your name. Also could you mention if you want writing or art? Thank you!

NCIS Big Bang Art

Title: Progress
Author: gwenaterra
Artist: moondansr
Rating: (will update when author posts)
Pairing: (will update when author posts)
Spoilers/Warnings: (will update when author posts)
Summary: (will update when author posts)

This is the first art I've done for a Big Bang. I'm working hard on improving the level of my skill. :)